Sunday, 23 November 2014

Makeup Revolution Awesome Double Flick Liquid Liner

Me and my liner did NOT get on. Then one day, I received this little gem from the lovely people over at Makeup Revolution and its changed up the whole game. The Awesome Double Flick Liquid Liner is a double ended liner (dur) with a thicker tip and a thinner tip on the opposite end. I have such a hard time getting my liquid liner right as I used to be the fool that bought the liners that have really long wands and you just cant get the precision you want. This is the key point in why this is so much easier to use. As the body of the liner is that bit thicker, when you hold it you are holding it closer to the tip, giving you the ability the be a lot sturdier and giving you the precision you need to create and equal wing. I'm no liner expert but the key is to be really light handed and us small strokes and build up your wing then connect it to your lash line, after that you can then go ahead and fill in the areas that need liner. I've always thought that when you have liner and lashes on, it really pulls a look together and makes it look completed. It may sound stupid and you've probably heard it all before, but practise really does make perfect in the case of liner. It smells fear, so its important to be cool and collected around it, you will master it I promise! This liner is only £3.50 and considering its going give you such an easy life, I would highly recommend a purchase.
I created the look below using the Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette, What you waiting, What you waiting, What you waiting, What you waiting for? which is one of my all time favourite palettes for the neutral shades. Its bloody good to be back creating looks again as I'm finally feeling a lot more positive about situations, so keep an eye out for lots more to come! 


  1. GIRLLLLL! Can you come and do my makeup PLEASE? You are one talented ladyyyy!!!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  2. That liner looks so gorgeous! I struggle with liquid liner as well but find these felt tips so easy - love that it's double ended as well depending on what style you wanna create!

    Kat x

  3. i have these and i love how easy and quick it is to draw those liners one without making a mess. oh btw Check out my blog i have a fab giveaway up!

  4. your winged eye liner is so perfect! Strong eye liner game girl! x

    i've got a MAC lipstick giveaway over on my blog if you want to take a look :)